We designed this innovative packaging to be easy to use - twist open each side of the Caps’, add some water or the infusion and prepare your favorite mask.


In your pocket or in your bag this Caps’ will follow you anywhere you go. Our Caps’ contains only the essence of the perfect mask!  


Because, let's face it, some of the best gifts to give are those we'd like to receive ourselves. Give your loved ones a compassionate nudge with our DIY beauty kits. Share your Caps’ with your friends thanks to our Girls' Night In bundle, the perfect pyjama party gift.

Easy-to-care for the environment 

Our Caps' are environment-friendly thanks to them being made of glass and recyclable plastic. You can also reuse them! 


Do you keep losing your earrings at your cheerleading practice? Your AirPods? Or you just like reusing things? These Caps’ are perfect to refill & reuse. The glass Caps’ keep things safe, clean, and dandy.