About us

We created OLEUM VERA with one mission in mind: To shake up your beauty care routine and to finally give you complete control over what you're putting on your skin. We want to empower you with all-natural and organic beauty products that work! We take pride in having individually handpicked each ingredients for its benefits for the skin and senses.

HOW? We do this by providing you with unadulterated goodness from Nature, easy, endlessly adaptable recipes, and the knowledge you need to tailor them to your body’s needs. Not only that, we handpicked our ingredients for their numerous benefits to the skin, hair and senses, always with sustainability in mind. Furthermore, we hope our products will be a breath of fresh air for increasingly aware consumers; For those who value the origins and quality of their cosmetics.

The best gift you could give

Let’s start the habit of showing our appreciation to our friends and loved ones by giving them the best self-care gifts to relax their bodies and minds. So, if you know someone who isn’t good at self-care and really needs it (maybe it’s a friend or a co-worker), then give them a compassionate nudge with our DIY beauty kits. Because, let's face it, some of the best gifts to give are those we'd like to receive ourselves.

A proud Montreal-based company

Want to know who you are buying from? Oleum Vera is part of MMTUM, a small company of nice people fuelled by Montreal's creative energy to imagine, design and manufacture inspiring products that anticipate the needs of today. We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we love creating them!

An all natural & organic brand

Being an all Natural & Organic brand has never been a question for us. We’ve always believed in sustainable, clean and thought out products. That is why we’ve researched and hand-picked all of our ingredients to meet what we consider being the optimal DIY skincare products. As we wanted to give you back power over what you use on your skin, we couldn’t see ourselves choosing “less than” ingredients. To do so, we choose ingredients that renowned programs have tested and certified.


Easy-to-use, easy-to-carry! We created this innovating packaging to give you full control of your skin care routine. In two to three steps you’ll be able to make your own organic mask. Just Caps’ it!


DIY is not just a phase or something trendy, it’s a way of life. It’s a way of reclaiming our roots, making our skincare products is just as important as home cooking for example. Taking care of ourselves but more importantly, taking back the complete control over what we are using on our skin, by learning all the knowledge we need to tailor our routines to our body’s needs.