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We get it: it’s tempting to bully your skin into submission using synthetic, mass-produced creams, scrubs, and soaps. In the long run, though, that approach is bound to cause more harm than good. At Oleum Vera, we are pro-”Do-it-yourself”, pro-organic, pro-customization, and pro-sustainability.

Our 50 Organic Beauty Recipe Book contains everything you need to reclaim your beauty routine: DIY scrubs, deep-cleansing masks, facial toners, hair treatments, body muds, and more! We’re giving you back complete control over what you’re using on your skin, with the knowledge you need to tailor your routine to your body’s needs with fresh ingredients from your pantry and fridge.

Learn how to treat acne with a homemade Tea Tree serum, nourish your hair with an Avocado-Banana sun recovery hair mask, and create your own Chocolate & Orange lotion bar and more with 50 recipes to clean up your beauty routine.

It’s time to redefine beauty on your own terms, it’s time for a DIY Beauty Revolution! 


  • 1x 50 Organic Beauty Recipe Book  (AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH ONLY)

    Natural ingredients

    We take pride in having handpicked our ingredients for their many benefits to the skin and senses.

    All our natural clays and organic oils are certified EcoCert (Cosmos Natural, Cosmos Organic) and USDA.

    More info about certifications can be found here.

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    Proudly from Montreal

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    Easy-to-use, easy-to-carry! We created these innovating capsules to give you full control of your skin care routine. In two to three steps you’ll be able to make your own organic mask. Just Caps’it!

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    Looking for more Natural Beauty and DIY Recipes?

    Nature has plenty to offer but also plenty to teach us. Follow Oleum Vera’s recipes and make your own skincare, haircare, body care & more. 

    Our Recipes

    About Oleum Vera

    We created Oleum Vera with one mission; to shake up beauty care and finally give you complete control on what you're putting on your skin. We want to empower you with all-natural and organic beauty products that work for you.

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    An all natural & organic brand

    Being an all natural & organic brand has never been a question for us. We’ve always believed in sustainable, clean and thought out products.

    That is why we’ve researched and hand-picked all of our ingredients to meet what we consider being the optimal DIY skincare products.

    As we wanted to give you back power over what you use on your skin, we couldn’t see ourselves choosing “less than” ingredients. To do so, we choose ingredients that have been tested and certified by renowned programs.

    Read about our certifications

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    Join our self-care journey. Learn with us how to make your own face masks, scrubs, body butters, massage oils and much more. Creating your very own skin care routine has never been easier.

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