Where does it come from?

Even if most people know everything there is to know about Oats, so let’s just go over it quickly. Oats originated from the Fertile Crescent a region in the Middle East. But these oats are nothing compared to the oats we have today. Now oats are more suitable for cool climates.

What is it used for?

Of course, oats are mainly used for food and animal feed. Oat straws are used for cattle and horse bedding and last but not least, oat extract can be used to soothe skin conditions. Oat grass has also been used in traditional medicine.

Its benefits:

Oats are as magical to the skin as they are to your health. Let’s keep our focus on our skin. Oats have multiple beneficial proprieties. Oats help your skin stay hydrated thanks to it forming a layer on the surface that retains water in the skin. It also allows a natural and gentle cleansing, it provides gentle exfoliation, it helps reduce skin inflammation, and even absorbs UVA. Oats are great for sensitive skin like acne prone skin, eczema and even psoriasis.

Be cautious of...

Unfortunately, even if oats are one of the safest goods regarding allergic reactions, there is always a possibility of reacting to it. So don’t forget to do a small patch on your arm before applying it to your face.

What about ours?

Hooo Canada! You guessed it! Our Oats are grown in Canada and processed here too.


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