Calendula petals

Where does it come from?

This little orange and/ or flower called Calendula officinalis is native to Southern Europe. Not to be confused with Calendula that is smaller and completely yellow. Calendula officinalis is the plant used for its benefits to our health and skin. Something interesting to note is that its seeds look like little fishing hooks with teeth… We know we just said that it would be an interesting fact, but can this really be considered as an “interesting fact”? … were not sure ^^’

What is it used for?

These yellow flowers are often used to add color to salads or as a garnish. In ancient Greek, Roman, Indian & Middle Eastern this flower was used as a medicinal herb as well as a dye for fabrics and cosmetics.

Its benefits:

Some pharmacological plant studies have suggested that calendula may have anti-viral & anti-inflammatory properties. It may help with acne, eczema, psoriasis… Some studies has found that calendula may promote skin hydration and firmness that can help the overall appearance of your skin.

Be cautious of...

There is no risk … just kidding, like all products, you may have an allergic reaction this flower. Therefore, do not forget to do a small patch on your forearm before using it on your face.

What about ours?

Our Calendula Petals originates from Egypt.


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Calendula petals