The Oleum Vera Promise

When it comes to our ingredients, we don't compromise: we give you only the best and the purest, certified organic by ECOCERT and the USDA.
Everything’s better when you make it from scratch. We make it easy to create skincare and hair care products you can truly call your own, thanks to easy-to-follow recipes and tutorials.
Everybody’s different, and we want to honor that. The recipes we bring you are endlessly customizable to suit your skin type, hair type, and your body’s unique set of needs.
We carefully select all our ingredients with the environment in mind, because we believe taking good care of our bodies should go hand in hand with taking good care of the planet.

We want to take body care out of the hands of the beauty industry and reclaim it for humans like us, who like plants, the Earth, and being able to pronounce the names of ingredients.

And we want to have fun, look good, and feel good doing it, too!

Are you in?

Oleum Vera is made up of DIY people on a DIY mission.

We want to empower you to build an all-natural beauty routine that works for you, from scratch.

We do this by providing you with organic, unadulterated goodness from Nature, easy, endlessly adaptable recipes, and the knowledge you need to tailor them to your body’s needs.